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Franken Pro MHP-04.png

FRANKEN MHP-04 is a studio monitor headphone with a sharp design, elegant modern style with strong, durable, high quality material, lightweight, making it comfortable to wear for long-term audio work


The Franken MHP-04 is a studio monitor headphone for recording work. It is a close-back headphone, Provides a high-quality sound, it make you  Feels like listening to a Classic Speaker Monitor 

FRANKEN MHP-04 is able to use for MIXING and MASTERING very well.


Another thing that is very special about the FRANKEN MHP-04 it's really Great value for money

-  Type Dynamic closed back headphone with Clean Sound.

-  Ferquency Response 10 Hz – 32,000 Hz

-  Driver 50mm closed back

-  Imperdance 32 Ohms

-  Sensitivity 100 dB ± 3dB

-  Cable 9.8ft (3 m) when fully extended

-  Connector Snap-on 1/8” (3.5mm) to 1/4” (6.3mm) Adapter

-  Rating Power 300 mW

-  Max Power 600 mW


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